Niagara Aspiring Geopark Economic Impact Study

Niagara Aspiring Geopark Economic Impact Study

Project By: Chelsea Fields

*Project Value: $8400

*For educational purposes only

“The relatively new concept of geotourism is attracting increasing interest around the world. Although the term has been in use informally since 1997, the 2002 Geotourism Study, sponsored by National Geographic Traveler magazine and conducted by the Travel Industry Association of America, constituted its public debut.”

The goal of this project is to collect information about the assets of Niagara and how these assets fit into the context of geotourism. This information may be used as part of an effort to create a stakeholder working group to formally submit a proposal to the Canadian and Global Geoparks Network to create a Geopark in Niagara. We want to quantify the impacts of geotourism in various locations where geoparks have been established.

Can we market Niagara to a whole new segment of the population that of the geotourist and in the process, create new economic opportunities for local entrepreneurs?

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