Water Resources in Jalapa, Guatemala (Completed 2014)

Water Resources in Jalapa, Guatemala (Completed 2014)

Project By: Priyal Gupta

*Project Value: $31,527

*For educational purposes only

The water resources project is a project that Geospatial Niagara facilitated between Jayme Campbell and the Niagara College GIS/Geospatial Management Program.

The project dealt with the problem of water resources for Sanyuyo, a small town in Jalapa, Guatemala. Despite an average rainfall of 50 to 100 mm from the months of May to September, many people were deprived of clean and safe drinking water in this area.  Due to this, there is an increased chance in the number of deaths due to water related diseases.

With the help of Geographic Information System (GIS), spatial data consisting of surface topography, water courses, geology, land use and aerial photographs will be merged, in order to provide  as accurately as possible, the best potential locations for drilling of a water supply well or wells for the community of Sanyuyo, Jalapa, Guatemala.

A geospatial suitability analysis will be undertaken to allow for the identification of probable best locations for potable wells, given the topography, geology, aquifer(s) and contaminant sources of the region.


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