The Carlin Report

The Carlin Report

Active transportation is defined as any method of human powered transportation and provides many benefits to the citizens of a community. These include the obvious health benefits of being physically active as well as environmental benefits in the reduction of harmful emissions, the social benefits of increased social interaction between citizens, economic benefits of money savings on gas or parking fees and the reduced congestion on a cities roads.

With increased participation in methods of active transportation come the increased incidents of near hits between walkers, runners and cyclists with motorized vehicles.  This application seeks to engage citizens in reporting these incidents and making the data available to a variety of stakeholders. These may include but are not limited to:

Municipal transportation departments:  knowing where there are hot spots of near misses allow planners to investigate the possible reasons leading to the need for increased signage or possible road redesign.

City planners: data allows planners the ability to promote the need for complete streets.

Regional police departments: currently these incidents are not recorded but having this data in addition to their recorded data provides information on where to increase presence during particularly busy times of day for the protection of citizens.

Organizations: Stakeholder groups such as community walking, running or cycling groups, can use the collected data to emphasis public awareness campaigns towards educating the public to be aware of active transportation users and to provide backing statistics in presentations to municipal councils of the need for infrastructure alterations.

Other active transportation users: Knowing where there are increased rates of near hits allows other active transportation users the ability to plan their routes and times of travel to avoid these areas or be more cautious when traveling through them.

The Carlin Report combines citizen participatory engagement and volunteered geographic information (VGI) to create a valuable dataset for use by all.

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