Norfolk County Vineyard Site Suitability Project (Completed 2011)

Norfolk County Vineyard Site Suitability Project (Completed 2011)

Project By: Darren Platakis

*Project Value: $30,685

*For educational purposes only

The Topographic Analysis of Norfolk County for Wine Grape Production project was developed by Dr. Tony Shaw of Brock University in response to the growing interest in the development of vineyards and viticulture in Norfolk County. Using a Geographic Information Systems geodatabase, the goal of the project was to delineate suitable topographic areas within Norfolk County which could support the production of Vitis Vinifera grape varieties at a crop loss of < 10%. The analysis was based on the use of nine (9) criteria of vineyard site suitability.


  • Farmers are seeking alternatives to growing tobacco; this conversion from tobacco cultivation is often subsidized by the provincial and/or federal governments.
  • Vineyard/Winery developers are seeking to capitalize on the growing popularity of wine tourism in Southern Ontario.


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