Occurrence of Sandy Soils Analysis in Niagara (Completed 2014)

Occurrence of Sandy Soils Analysis in Niagara (Completed 2014)

Project By: John Bull

*Project Value: $30,131

*For educational purposes only

This Sandy Soils Analysis project is a project that Geospatial Niagara facilitated between Daryl Dagesse of the Brock University Geography Department and the Niagara College GIS/Geospatial Management Program.

Project Description:

This project aims to identify the occurrence of sandy soils within the northern Niagara peninsula by using GIS software in combination with soil, elevation, and stratigraphic column data.  The study area has been outlined within the report as the south shore of Lake Ontario stretching from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Grimsby, and more specifically the Lake Iroquois bench and plain will be the primary area of focus.  Many sandy soils in the Niagara Region were deposited as sand bars during the retreat of the Laurentide ice sheet and bring with them suitable attributes for growing tender fruit and grapes therefore the main goal of this project is to delineate these sand bars both in areal extent as well as depth so that they can serve as an inventory or reference to where future developments should be located.   Once these sand bars are delineated, a full geodatabase was completed containing information on the sand bar’s location, depth to bedrock, soil horizons, and other various soil suitability characteristics.  Also being completed within this project is the identification of a mathematical relationship between the topographical relief of the area and the size and depth of each sand bar.


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