Niagara Hops Farm Site Suitability Project

Niagara Hops Farm Site Suitability Project

Project By: Chris McDonald & Svitlana Hrytsenko

*Project Value: $32,000

*For educational purposes only

In recent years Craft Breweries have gained traction across South and Southwest Ontario. In Niagara there are a number of established and startup microbreweries that are both complementing wine tourism and competing for the tourist dollar. Most hops are imported from Germany and the US but there seems to be some resurgence in growing hops in Ontario (Niagara College Brewery Hops farm as an example) for use in local craft brews.

The goal of this project is to provide information to local farmers/craft breweries to determine areas of Niagara that might be suitable for the establishment of Hops farms.

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