Niagara Farms Project

Niagara Farms Project

Project By: Nayrah Isla

*EstimatedProject Value: $8400

*For educational purposes only

The Niagara Farm Project Honours Internship Placement was facilitated by Geospatial Niagara between Renee Delaney of The Niagara Farm Project and the Brock University Geography Departments 4th Year Honours Internship Program.

The Niagara Farm Project is a collaborative organization that recognizes food production is an important ecosystem service that is central to human welfare. Their goal is to develop a system of farming, specific to Niagara, which establishes a self-reliant food economy.

This internship has a number of facets from working on guidance documentation with respect to livestock and soil to working with civil engineers to map and create drainage plans. Other tasks include the creation of a “treasure map” as part of the Niagara Farm Projects – Sow Seeds Program.

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