Laura Secord Legacy Trail (Completed 2013)

Laura Secord Legacy Trail (Completed 2013)

Project By: Lori Steglinski, Leah Bercovitch

*Project Value: $28,038

*For educational purposes only

The Laura Secord Legacy Trail Mapping Project is a project that Geospatial Niagara facilitated between The Friends of Laura Secord and the Niagara College GIS/Geospatial Management Program.

June 22, 2013 marked the bicentennial of Laura Secord’s walk to warn Colonel James Fitzgibbons of an impending American attack on the British, Canadian and Native forces stationed near the DeCew House in what is now Thorold, Ontario. To celebrate her bravery and her legacy, a trail denoting a modern approximation of her route from Queenston to Thorold has been created. This project serves to establish and map the Laura Secord Legacy trail, as well as investigate the difficulty of each stage of the trail system. The points in interest, potential hazards, and interpretive signs encountered along the trail will also be indicated on the maps (both in hard copy and digital form). The resulting trail will be one that can be easily navigated and interpreted by the public, and will stand as a testament to the heroic actions of a Canadian heroine for generations to come.


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