Grey County Vineyard Site Suitability (Completed 2015)

Grey County Vineyard Site Suitability (Completed 2015)

Project By: Michael Daleo

*Project Value: $20,156

*For educational purposes only

Grey County, located in Southwestern Ontario, is slowly beginning to discover that there are suitable regions within the county on which to grow Vitis Vinifera grape varieties (Georgian Hills Vineyards) along with other hybrid varieties (Coffin Ridge Winery). This project seeks to explain that, in order to delineate future viticultural appellations in Grey County, a multi-criteria topographic site suitability assessment was undertaken to ascertain the areas of low, moderate, and high suitability for growing Vitis Vinifera grape varieties. Each level of calculated suitability was then analyzed and quantified by a calculation of the total land area.


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