Elgin County Vineyard Site Suitability (Completed 2014)

Elgin County Vineyard Site Suitability (Completed 2014)

Project By: Matt Marotta

*Project Value: $21,047

*For educational purposes only

Ontario South Coast Wines (OSCW) represents wineries and grape growers in South Central Ontario, specifically ones that are located within Elgin County, Norfolk County, and Essex.  OSCW has a mission to help the wine industry in South Central Ontario thrive and envisions the area achieving a Designated Viticulture Area (DVA) status.  This DVA status will allow wineries to place additional information on their labels, making them more easily identifiable as a wine of higher quality.

In order to work towards achieving a DVA status, a topographic analysis of Elgin County for vineyard site suitability must be conducted.  By determining areas of high, moderate, and low suitability for producing wine grapes, two key pieces of data necessary for becoming a DVA can be estimated: total harvest potential and usable hectares.  In order to accomplish this task, a Geographic Information System (GIS) will be used because of its ability to organize, display, and manage the data needed to carry out the topographic analysis.


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