GeoNiagara Radio Show

The GeoNiagara Radio Show seeks to engage and inform educators, students, and the broader community about the relevance and importance of geography as a discipline and geo-literacy as an educational necessity in a world that is ever increasingly being informed and influenced by geospatial technologies and information.

The show airs on 103.7 FM – CFBU – Brock University Campus and Community Radio and it can also be accessed via the TuneIn Radio app and the Simple Radio app. For air dates, follow us on Facebook.

Season 2

Episode 5 – Happy New Year! Do Geographers worry too much? This week Darren and RJ discuss a short video shared by Dr. Joseph Kerski. Our guests include – Jackie Agg – Niagara College GIS Post Graduate Student – discussing her Complete Streets Thesis project, Amanda Burden – Masters Candidate in the Earth Science Department at Brock University sharing her research about Mars hydrology and Andrew Newman and Braydon Curnock – Niagara College GIS Post Graduate Students – discussing their thesis project for treeOcode Niagara.

Episode 4 – Our final episode of 2017 welcomes Dr. Anthony Shaw – Associate Professor of Geography in the Department of Geography and Tourism Studies at Brock University. We chat a bit about climatology,  viticulture and the impacts of climate change on Niagara’s wine industry and also about the interesting field of building climatology. Darren and RJ chat about the wrap up of the first term at Brock and her research project in cultural geography and Darren shares his experience being an interviewee on the Everyday Geo podcast hosted by JB Peron based out of the United States.

Episode 3 – Episode 3 welcomes Dr. Jonah Butovsky – Associate Professor of Sociology at Brock University as we learn about the PEP Niagara project – Poverty and Employment Precarity in Niagara. RJ talks about her trip to Guatemala and her hike up a volcano and Darren describes his attendance at the OAGEE conference in Aurora, Ontario. We also talk about Geography Awareness Week Events – Day of Geography and GIS Day events at the Brock Map, Data & GIS Library and the ESRI Scholarship Presentations. Original air date – November 22, 2017

Episode 2 – Our Halloween episode – welcomes Dr. Mary Thornbush and Doctoral student Sylvia Thornbush. We discuss their work with cemetery headstones, urban geomorphology, necrogeography and other topics. Darren and RJ reminisce about Halloween’s past and chat about online maps created by CensusMapper – the Trick or Treat Onslaught Estimator and the Trick or Treat Density Estimator. The App of the Month is Billion Graves. Original air date – October 18, 2017

Episode 1 – Our first episode of Season 2 features Jonathan Murphy founder and manager of GoGeomatics Canada. We discuss the founding of the organization, its growth over the past number of years, the GoGeomatics online magazine, and the 4th Annual Back to School Social. Original air date – September 20, 2017

Season 1

Episode 6 Season 1 Finale -This special episode marks our Season 1 Finale. We are joined in the studio by Dr. Marilyne Jollineau, Associate Professor of Geography in the Department of Geography and Tourism at Brock University. Marilyne discusses her educational path, her interest in Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technologies and some of the courses she teaches at the undergrad and post graduate level. Her passion for the discipline of geography is quite evident and we were honoured to have her on the show. Darren and RJ also do a recap of Season 1 with their favourite takeaways from each episode. We look forward to Season 2! Original air date – June 21, 2017

Episode 5 – This episode of the GeoNiagara Radio Show welcomes Trevis Gigliotti and Tyson Morelli of Principal Point Geospatial Solutions – a non-profit organization based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We discuss Remote Sensing the use of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and the challenges of navigating the legislation. We also discuss McMaster University’s chapter of Geographers Without Borders, an organization with a number of chapters across Canada. Darren and RJ discuss Lake Ontario Lake levels and the CONNECT Conference. App of the month for May is Access Now. Original air date – May 17, 2017

Episode 4 – Our guest for Episode 4 is Warren Price – Urban Planner with Toronto based Urban Strategies. Warren discusses his educational path and his interesting work as the campus planner for Brock University. He provides insight into what makes work with a post-secondary institution so exciting and delves into the history of the campus plan including an interesting tidbit about the location of Schmon Tower. RJ and Darren also chat about tree planting up in Northern Ontario. Original air date – April 19, 2017

Episode 3 – Our guest for Episode 3 is Alex Morrison – Planner at the Regional Municipality of Niagara. Alex discusses his educational path to becoming a Planner, some of the projects he is working on at the Region, and the challenges facing Niagara from a planning perspective. We also introduce the Litterati app. This is an iphone app (android coming soon) created by Jeff Kirschner that is “crowd-source cleaning the planet one piece of litter at a time”. Original air date – March 15, 2017

Episode 2 – Darren and RJ speak with Dr. Charles F. Gritzner – Professor Emeritus at South Dakota State University. He is the author of the essay “What Is Where, Why There and Why Care?” which has been utilized in numerous geography and education departments across North America for years. They discuss his journey to becoming a geographer, some of the courses he has taught, the challenges of promoting the discipline and an interesting tidbit of information about Canada as it relates to his current location in Brookings, South Dakota. Original air date – February 15, 2017

Episode 1 – Join Darren and RJ for the first ever episode of The GeoNiagara Radio Show. Episode 1 features an interview with Dr. Chris Fullerton of the Brock University Department of Geography and Tourism Studies. Topics discussed include the history of the department, current research being undertaken, Dr Fullerton’s personal research interests, and the challenges facing the Niagara region moving forward. Also discussed are the outreach efforts to connect the department with the broader community. Original air date – January 18, 2017